16 Business secrets by Master coach sathya

16 Business Secrets

16 Business Secrets are unraveled powerfully with a taste and touch of personal experience by Master Coach Sathya a (Business Coach). It is not always the high qualification that matters in contributing to the wealth of knowledge. The life’s school teaches more precious things beyond what one can learn in the classroom. 

One who acquires knowledge through experience converts that knowledge into learning framework, assimilates the tactics and the art of performing in real world and disseminates the same in a way that a learner, be it a reader or a listener or an observer or an active participant, can understand effectively and impact fully.

The author and a Business Coach Sathyanaryana vr has exhibited a great tenacity explaining the most critical approaches not only in sales and marketing, finance and human resource, operations and communication but at the same time demonstrated the skillful art of scripting the  techniques of transforming that treasure of knowledge into simple practices.

Dr. Manohar Chikkanna


Association of Indian Management Schools(AIMs)

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SATHYANARAYANA VR Popularly Knows as Master Coach Sathya is “INDIA’S FIRST KANNADA BUSINESS COACH”, Entrepreneur, Investor & Author of Best Selling Books -16 Business Secrets, Sell-Well, Self Mastery

YES, Master Coach Sathya’s BTA offers Online & Offline Business Courses – Both in kannada and english, to help Business Owners take their Buiness Revenues to the Next Level.

All Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and Established Businesses should Read This Book At least once. 
Specially for Business Owners from SME & MSME Sectors, who hasn’t been through Professional Business Courses Must Read This Book.

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