7 P's Of Marketing


The 7 P’s of Marketing is a guideline to marketing. This can be used in many sectors but is most commonly associated with the marketing of goods and services. The principles are summarized in the following seven points:

1. Product: A product is a material or service that can be offered to a market for interaction and consumption. The benefits of a product for the provider are typically value, function, price, and quality. The benefits of a product for the consumer are use, pleasure, and sometimes status and identity

2. Price: Price is one of the most critical factors, if not the most critical factor, in the success of your product. This is where a lot of people tend to get it wrong. They don’t take into account the value of the product. The value of the product is what makes or breaks the price. You can’t just throw up a price and expect it to sell. Put together a price plan that will get your product off the ground. If the product is new in the market, you need to create a price that will get people’s attention

3. Place: Place is one of the 7P’s of marketing. It describes the location of where the product or service is being sold. It also includes distribution channels and the location of the product or service. It is important to pick the right place to sell.  The Place is also the distribution channel of the product or service

4. Promotion: Promotion is considered to be the most critical element of the marketing mix. It is the only element that has the ability to communicate to the target audience. Promotion is any kind of communication of your product or service, whether it is through the internet, newspapers, magazines, brochures, radio, television, or personal interaction. Promotion is what makes the target audience aware of your product or service

5. People: In marketing, the term people relates to your target audience or consumer. Understanding your audience is the first step in being able to market to them. In the case of a product or service, the target audience is the group of people who will most benefit from it. if you were selling a book about self-confidence, the best place to advertise it would be in a health magazine, because they’re more likely to buy it

6. Packaging: Packaging is one of the most important aspects of marketing. It is the first thing that people notice about your products. It is a good way to sell your product. Packaging is the first experience that customers have with the product. Packaging design can play a role in how much the customer pays for your product

7. Physical evidence: Physical evidence is a method of marketing or advertising that requires the consumer to have an actual experience with the product, service or company. An example of physical evidence would be a man who gets paid to test out a new shaving product. The company will send the man free products and he will post pictures on his blog or social media sites about his experience with the product

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