Best Business to Start with little money

Any business idea you create could have the potential to turn something big and bring good fortunes to your company. Many big entreprenuers like Elon Musk, Ratan Tata, Dhirubai Ambani started with a low cost investment and struggled with the expenses and we all know till the success they are enjoying now because of their efforts. 

Some of the best businesses you can start with little money are:

1.Book stall: Run a book stall by keeping wide variety of books and you can earn good money by selling popular novels and textbooks required for students. People always love books and it is one of the best businesses you can start with little money in 2021.

2.Sell Tea/Coffee: We Indians love Tea and Coffee. Opening a Tea stall at a busy junction will make you earn good money at a short span of time. Narendra Modi the honourable prime minister of India started working as Tea seller, and now has gained world wide recognition. Selling Tea/ Coffee dosent require more investment initially and also dosent require more much space, so it is one of the most cost effective business to start with little money.

3.Juice Joint: Juice joints are famous in India especially during summer, Keep an unique name to your juice shop, prepare a drink which is unique and you will expect huge sales to your shop in a short span of time. Juice joints dosent require much investment initially and also dosent require a huge space to start of, so its  definitely not a bad idea to start a juice joint business.

4.Online Cook/Chef: If you love cooking, then you can showcase your cooking skills through you tube and other platforms and gain good number of subscribers. Prepare an unique dish with eye-catchy thumbnail and you can expect a good number of views and your subscribers would also grow exponentially. Once you have reached good number of subscribers, you can earn good money through you tube and create a huge brand for yourself.

5.Tutions for Kids: Home tuitions for young children is one of the good option to earn money part time. You can teach kids the subjects you are good at during weekends and can earn fair amount of money through home tuitions. It is one of the ideas in 2021 you can start off with.

6.Repair business: Do you like repairing stuff, show off your skills by repairing stuff. You can open a small shop called “REPAIR ANYTHING” and you can earn good money through repair business. You can try this option as part time business as sales might be less initially. You can consider this option as part time business or a side business.

7.Food truck: Food trucks serve as good alternative for fast food joints. Prem Ganapathy who started his business with food truck by selling Idlis and Dosas is now owning a chain of restaurants worldwide. Kannada Big boss contestant shine Shetty also is now running a food truck business and earning good money.

8.Photography: Do you love clicking photos around you. Showcase your skills by uploading eye catchy pictures and upoad it in various Image submission sites. Instagram is one of the best sites to upload your high quality images and you gain huge reach by uploading your pictures. Once you gain huge number of followers you can start earning good money through Instagram itself.

9.Astrologer: Are you skilled in astrology? Showcase your skills by doing online astrology. Online astrologers are in huge demand and you can do online astrology through a mobile app or website. You can get yourself a mobile app by contacting Mobile App developers and Web developers. You can earn good money through astrology especially through online. You can check out our remaining blog by clicking on this Link
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