Business Coaches Covid-19

Business Coaches Who Invented Successful Business Models In COVID-19

Business Coaches Who Invented Successful Business Models In COVID-19

Business Coaches Covid-19

           “Covid-19” , this name changed our lives forever, Every sector in the society suffered one way or other , there are many people and organizations who worked day and night during Covid-19 to keep things in order, there were another set of people who worked silently to keep the mindset of the large community that’s BUSINESS COMMUNITY

       Like any other Sector even Coaching industry suffered during Covid-19 despite of all the setback most of the coaches turned their approach towards their community and quickly modified and adopted to new way of coaching, kept the knowledge spreading work ongoing, this helped many entrepreneurs to keep up their confidence and look forward for creating a bright future out of dark ,uncertain situation , there are many coaches who are serving the society ,we have picked up few of them to introduce to our you.

      These business owners have been continuously working day and night to hold positivity in the business community. They are changing the mindset of thousands of small business owners from being the victim of Covid-19 crisis to making it one of their greatest business opportunity.

      They have changed the whole business model, they have brought business owners out of their comfort zones, and they have tried new ways of doing business & have emerged as the most successful coaches in India.

     Here, are few of those coaches who are the representative of the whole coaches community , who could see problems as the next greatest opportunities.  completely moving their business to online, to building an online community of 11,000 business owners to securing an international records for their webinar hence creating a local business revolution. These business coaches passion for coaching is very high its proven by their work during Covid-19.

MasterCoach Sathya

      With 23 years of direct marketing and coaching experience MasterCoach Sathya is the first Kannada business coach in India. In 2008 MasterCoach Sathya started Business Tycoon Academy to coach/mentor business owners in Kannada [local language]. He started training local business owners with course called business mastery, boost business profit, billionaire tycoon club etc…

       Due to covid-19, he completely transferred and transformed his business online. To help local business owner from the cities of Karnataka to the smallest rural business owners He has successfully trained over 7,500+ business owners through constant mentoring & his online business courses. During Covid-19 he conducted 21 days of FREE online training program on:

           HUMAN POWER MASTERY , for entrepreneurs from across Karnataka, in lock down it gave opportunity for many of them to contemplate on their MIND, LIFE, BUSINESS, PURPOSE ,etc..  MasterCoach Sathya’s vision is to transform 1 lakh business owners into tycoons.

 Dr.Vivek Bindra

           Dr.Vivek Bindra is a renowned motivational speaker and a business coach in Hindi. Dr.Vivek Bindra started his first company in 2012, renamed it to Bada Business in 2019. In the initial stages of his business he used to travel extensively to conduct sessions for his students.

          He was unstoppable during Covid-19 creating content that continuously motivated every business owner in India and the world. Dr.vivek bindra / bada business holds a place in the esteemed golden book of records for training the largest gathering of H.R professionals under one roof. He owns one of the most subscribed business YouTube channel a.k.a free learning university.

Siddharth Rajsekar

           Siddhart Rajshekar started his first social media marketing agency in2011, due to which he had the privilage to work with many top people in industry. After running his agency for 7 years, he decided to develop the information marketing scene in india and the world with his Internet Lifestyle Hub venture in 2018.

           He is the reason for many online coaches to emerge in the online scene.He made a huge difference during covid -19  by providing a positive input and providing digital and social media knowledge to his  community and to his students.He is the master of selling “Digital Products” online.Today, he is nurturing a tribe of over 11,000+ members which includes large number of Coaches from all over the world


           Started in 2008 by Mr. Sudheer C.S, Indian money is the trusted online financial education company in India. was founded, to end the unethical sales practices in India.   Mr.Sudheer C.S has started online training in local languages like kannada, Hindi, telugu, tamil etc.. has launched its own app for business owners/ people of India, which provides financial awareness in local languages throughout India. educates over thousands of people every day.\

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