Business Growth Strategies

How Mr. Divakar has growth in Auditing Business & secret of his business

In the competitive world of business, achieving rapid growth and significant financial success requires not just hard work, but also strategic planning and effective training. Mr. Divakar Rastrakut, the founder and CEO of Expert Tax Auditing Bazaar Pvt. Ltd., is a shining example of this. Over the last eight months, his company saw an astounding increase in turnover by 95 lakhs and a threefold rise in sales, averaging 12 lakhs per month. This success story is a testament to the transformative power of business training and the strategic utilization of social media.


Business Growth Strategies

The Journey Begins
In 2018, Divakar decided to venture into the auditing services industry. Initially, his efforts were primarily offline, but he foresaw the shift towards online services that would dominate the market post-2020. With this foresight, he began planning and working towards creating an online presence. However, the journey was fraught with technical challenges, and by 2019, only 20% of the work was completed. The major implementation phases stretched into 2020 and 2021, delaying the full realization of his vision.

Joining Business Tycoon Academy
Recognizing the need for structured business training, Divakar joined Business Tycoon Academy (BTA) as a Silver member in July of the previous year. The Academy provided a comprehensive framework that helped him understand the intricacies of using social media for business growth. Within 21 days of training, he learned to set up and utilize social media platforms effectively, transforming his company’s digital presence.

Transforming the Business
Under the guidance of BTA, Divakar transitioned from a basic informative website to a fully automated online platform. This change was pivotal in streamlining client interactions and enhancing service delivery. The website,, now operates at an automation level, making it easier for clients to access services seamlessly.

Divakar also implemented systematic time management practices. He dedicated specific days to different business activities, ensuring that each aspect of the business received the necessary attention. Employee management was another critical area of improvement. By establishing clear training and onboarding processes, he was able to build a competent and efficient team.

Expanding Lead Generation
One of the significant shifts in Divakar’s approach was in lead generation. Previously, his business relied heavily on references from existing clients. However, after the training, he embraced social media as a powerful tool for generating new leads. Automated messaging systems like Mybchat were used to maintain communication with a database of 5,000 clients, facilitating offers, announcements, and greetings.

The Power of Silence
A unique aspect of the training at BTA was the Power of Silence (POS) program. This program focused on mental health, self-awareness, and inner peace, which are often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of business operations. For Divakar, POS was transformative, helping him achieve a balanced mindset and spiritual connectivity. This not only enhanced his personal well-being but also positively impacted his business.

Achievements and Vision
The hard work and strategic changes bore fruit. Divakar’s company received a 5 lakh achievers award in Boston and a National Wide Startup Award from Business Mint in August 2023. The online presence and automated systems played a crucial role in these achievements.

Looking ahead, Divakar has a clear vision for his company. He aims to simplify financial tasks for 10,000 businesses, covering everything from startup registrations to tax support. This ambitious goal is underpinned by the solid foundation and continuous learning facilitated by BTA.

About the Author
Divakar Rastrakut is the founder and CEO of Expert Tax Auditing Bazaar Pvt. Ltd., a company based in Bangalore that provides comprehensive taxation and startup registration services. His journey from a conventional offline business model to a modern, automated, and highly efficient online platform is a source of inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs. With a keen focus on continuous learning and strategic implementation, Divakar has successfully navigated the challenges of the business world, achieving remarkable growth and setting a high standard in the industry.

For those looking to replicate his success, Divakar recommends joining Business Tycoon Academy and embracing their holistic approach to business training. By upgrading to Diamond membership, he believes that entrepreneurs can unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary growth in both their professional and personal lives.

This article not only highlights the remarkable achievements of Mr. Divakar but also serves as a guide for other entrepreneurs looking to transform their businesses through strategic training and effective use of digital tools.

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