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If you are about to start a small business there are many business ideas you can incorporate such as:

1.Website designer
3.Social media marketer
4.Website Flipping
5.Online tutor
6.Carrer Coach
7.Video editing
8.Content writing
11.Yoga instructor
12.Ghost writer
13.Guest blogging
14.Event Planning

WEBSITE DESIGNER: Website designing is one of the hot and much demand skills In 2021. If you love designing websites then you could earn a quick bug and can get lot of clients by doing freelancing. If you are good at coding then you can make websites using html, Javascript or you can use CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla

Dropshipping: Dropshipping is one of the most conventional and cost effective way to start a new business without having to worry about inventory. In dropshipping, you purchase the products directly from a supplier and products are directly shipped to the consumer, dropshipping is easy since it does not require a warehouse to store all your products, you also not require a physical brick and mortar store location, dropshipping is also very easy to grow and dosent require a lot of capital

Social media marketer:It is difficult to imagine life without social media, social media has  grown very rapidly in the recent years. Being a social media marketer you can earn quick money by designing banners, pages. You can be a social media marketer if you are having your own business or through freelancing you can get lot of clients. Popular Social media channels include facebook, Instagram, twitter, linkedin, pinterest quora, you tube etc

Website Flipping:Website flipping involves buying already running website improving its design and content and then selling for a good profit. There are many platforms where you buy a website such as exchange. Exhange allows you to buy websites, improve the content via SEO and content creation. You can sell the website through marketplace after you get sufficient revenue.

Online Tutor: Are you skilled in a particular domain?, then you can teach the skills you gained via online to wide range of audience. Online tutoring has gained huge popularity especiaaly during COVID times. You can teach your skills in platforms such as udemy, simplilearn, byjus etc and can earn quick money very easily.

Carrer Coach:Carrer coaches are experts in a particular industry such as carrer planning, resume building, and give tips to students on which field should I study or which industry should I work for?.
Carrer counsellors are in huge demand since most of the students and young professionals are in a ambigious and confused about which field or industry should I work for

Video Editing: If you like making videos then you can give video editing a try. Video editing involves techniques such as adding background music, improving video quality, improving video content. The edited videos can be published to various platforms to gain wide reach. You can start monetizing through you tube after reaching 1,000 subscribers

Content Writing: Content writing is the technique of planning, writing and editing web content. It includes writing blog articles, preparing podcasts. Content writers should come up with new and innovative ideas to prepare new content and update content regularly on the website. Content writers are in huge demand and you can earn quick bug through content writing

Photography: Photography business has been there from a long time. Since the world is going digital, you are required to acquire additional skills such as posting your pictures on digital platforms in order to gain wide range of audience.

Blogging: Blog the shortened version of web blog is an online journal, where bloggers write and share their views on a particular subject. Bloggers are in huge demand and you can start writing blogs to improve your SEO.

Yoga instructor: Yoga and meditation are one of the most important needs for a human being. Being an online yoga instructor during these times can make you earn quick money.

Ghost writer: A ghost writer is a person who is hired to write articles  on somebody else behalf. The credit goes to company or client that hired you. Ghost writers are in huge demand and you can earn quick bug through ghost writing.

Guest blogging
: Guest blogging is a technique of writing blog, articles on a third party website in order to promote their brand/business online. Guest blogging is one of the most effective methods to perform Off page SEO. There are many websites available over internet for guest blogging.

Event Management: Event planning or event management is the management of events such as corporate events, ceremonies, festivals, conferences. Event planning requires good deal of planning and communication with the clients. Event planning is very popular business to start in 2021.

                                                                      Business Tips

For any organization to be successful you need to follow swot analysis. SWOT is acronym of strengths, weakness, oppurtinities, threats

STRENGTHS: Strengths are those your company does very well to stand well against your competitors. Make note about what things  you do  different and what you can improve more to make your brand image a success.

Weakness are those your company does need to improve more. Compare with your competitors and analyse their strengths and what you can incorporate them into your business.

Oppurtinities:Opportunities are chances that something positive is going to happen for your organization. On exploiting more oppurtinities you can make a huge difference for your company and stand top in the market.

Threats:Threats are obstacles that you face while marketing or promoting your business products or services. It could be through sudden change in market dynamics, supply chain problems. You can check out remaining blog article by clicking on this Link.

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