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How to be a Excellent Communicator

In this episode Mastercoach Sathya teaches us how to be an excellent communicator to win in business and life

Communication skills play a very important role in person’s growth. The way a person communicates or conveys his idea to other people  determines the growth of the person. Audience always get attracted to those people who have good communication and conveying skills. Communication is the responsibility of communicator, not of the listener. A good communicator always start with good humor, good story,good tagline or a memory hook, By doing so the audience, will get attracted to communicator style of speaking. Your communication should engage, interact, educate, entertain the audience and the opposite person life. While doing presentations, you should educate and engage your audience. Grammar of communication is very important, Always start with a smile while presenting. Eye to Eye contact is very important for a communicator especially for women while doing presentations. In order to be a successfull communicator, you should have a good body language. You have to maintain safe distance from your audience or with a group of people to communicate your message effectively. Tone of message that you communicate is very important in order to be an excellent communicator.

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