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How to be a Excellent Communicator

In this episode Mastercoach Sathya teaches us how to be an excellent communicator to win in business and life

Communication skills is very important in any field. The way a person communicates or conveys his business idea to people will determine his growth. People and customers get attracted to those persons who have good communication and speaking skills.Many people who have achieved greater heights in life are good communicators in life. In any field communication is an important aspect. The first step in communication is communicate long enough continously. As a leader you should not be tired of communication. Continous communication is neccesary to feed the data into opposite person’s subconcisous mind. If you stop communicating, there will be many wrong assumptions. A good communicator prepares himself and also prepares the opposite mind person effectively. A well prepared mind will recieve the message effectively. Empowering communication is all about preparing yourself and your audience mind. A good communicator is the one who listens the maximum. If you want to give best to your sales team, listen to them effectively. If you want to be good communicator, you have to talk less, listen more.

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