Morning Habits of Successful Businessman

Morning Habits of  a  Successful Businessman

Most Successful Businessman are early birds i.e. they have a winning morning habits. There are many benefits of waking up at 5 am !

• If you get up at 5 am means you will get extra time.
• You will feel fresh all day.
• Can produce maximum. We can grow in our eyes.
• Get respect. Plus you become a successful person.

It might sound too simple. But how Is it possible to succeed by waking up at 5 am ? This article will surely change your perspective.

Successful Businessman


If you wake up at 5 am without any problem, keep going. But stay active until late at night, no matter how long you awake, but not facing any problem. It is wonderful and happy! What happens if you have a guilt mind that you don’t get up in the morning? This blog is for you, who have the urge to get up in the morning win yourself.

What is the benefit of waking up at 5 o’clock? Why is it not possible for you to get up? To solve this problem what can be done? Let us discuss all things here today.

How many hours of sleep do you need to stay fresh all day? Do you work hard physically and mentally? Decide how many hours you need to sleep. Calculate the reverse order for it. If you need 10 hours of sleep, you have to get up at 5 am and you have to go to bed at 10 pm.


First Mistake:
If you sleep at 11.30 pm, 12.30 am and 1.00 am, if you want to wake up at 5 am, which is not acceptable to the body. Early to bed, early to rise . First, you decide how many hours of sleep you need. You should calculate the reverse hours and sleep as per that. Before bedtime watching horror serials, news, crime channels, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube your sleep will be disturbed.

Here we have to say one thing.  We have a dormant mind. Sleep is disturbed by its attempt to tantalize what we have seen. The Incomplete cycle is going to be complete. Once we close our eyes, the powerful tool the dormant mind starts to work, and all the negative scenarios which we watched prevents us from falling asleep.


The second mistake
Scrolling through all the social sites and looking at the mobile is more stress to the eye, If the mind is full of unwanted things, it is not possible to asleep. When we fall asleep At 4 o’clock or four and a half o’clock in the morning. You sleep for an hour and a half. After the alarm has started, we face a problem.

With that, it can disturb your sleep by trying to make sense of what we’ve seen. The incomplete cycle goes to Complete. You watch TV, news, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and more. Horror Serials, Crime Channels, Negatives in News. The work of the sub conscious mind is our powerful tool.

When we close our eyes, what we see is the work of our sub-conscious mind. All of the negative scenarios we see prevent us from falling asleep..

The second mistake is that we are scrolling through Facebook, YouTube and whatever other social media. This makes the eye more diligent and full of something in the Mind. It does not sleep properly. When do you fall asleep? 4 am or four and a half o’clock in the morning. You sleep for an hour and a half. If the alarm goes off, then you will have a problem.


The third big mistake
The third big mistake is that businessmen, especially those who work everywhere during the day, are not eating properly.  They eat all kinds of oily and spicy  food at night and  go to bed immediately.
How many of these mistakes are you do? If you avoid making such mistakes, it is easy to wake up at 5 am!
Everyone read somewhere that wakeup early in the auspicious Brahmi muhurtha is very good. The biggest problem for some is getting up at 5 o’ clock. They wake up at 5 o’clock, but they will not have any idea what to do. They surrender to bed again.


Benefits of waking up at 5 am in order to become a successful businessman:

The first benefit
Getting up at 5 am will give you more time. Your mind will be calm. You will get more time to have more productivity. If you have a desire to be accomplished, you wake up at 5 am! By waking up the early morning fresh air and more oxygen to the people who live in the cities.

As the sun raises the quantum of oxygen goes down and get carbon dioxide down. Wake up in the morning if you need oxygen.


The second benefit
Getting up in the morning will be more active due to your body freshness. You can exercise. Can exercise in the gym. Can run. Go for a walk. You can do whatever you like. There will not be a shortage of time.
If you are a businessman, there is a Time for Planning, Checklist, things to do List and you can do them all and be more productive.
If the alarm rings at 5 am, some people will immediately feel weakness. It is called invisible fatigue. Though we are awake from sleep, still it is not possible to get up from the bed.

We think to remain in the cot for ten more minutes or 5 minutes would be good. Not sleeping for more than five hours at night can be a big problem as sleep is not complete. Procrastination feeling covers us, and it affects the entire day.

In 2004, I attended a personality development workshop. On November 11, 2014, I learnt that “one who wins sleep, will win the world”

It rooted so deep in me that I would jump and turn it off before it rings.  The alarm doesn’t wake me up. Instead, I stop it. Thousands of people who have taken my Self Mastery Course over the last ten years have been such success.

Are you ready to face the 30 Day Alarm Challenge?
What time do you get up at 4.30, 5.30, 6.00 am? The sound of an alarm should not overcome you. You have to overcome it. You must train up to keep your subconscious mind awake before the alarm goes off. It’s a 30 Day Challenge! You have to win it and become a winner. As soon as the clock strikes, you jump from the bed to win the first battle. You wake up from sleep with the subconscious mind, and you feel victorious.
bravo! Congratulations on your victory!

If your age is 35 years or 40 years BP, Sugar comes with an illness that costs between 15 and 20 thousand rupees a month for treatment. You have to wake up in the morning to avoid such spending. You can walk, exercise, get fresh air, time.

If you are housewife in a joint family, you can provide all needed services for the aunts and uncles, children and husband. There will not be a fight between family members for the bathroom and toilet. If all chores completed systematically, peaceful atmosphere prevailed.

There will be plenty of time for all the householders to offer worship. If there is a desire to read and write an article or a story, you can do it. If you read the biography of all the successful leaders, you will find that everyone has the habit of waking up in the morning. Read books, watch videos. Listen to interviews.


See how many benefits there are when waking up at 5 am?
Take a Power nap for those who say that if I get up in the morning, I will be tired all day, and I get tired as the evening goes on. Relax the entire body by sitting down on a sofa or a chair where you are sitting in your office or wherever you are.

We call it a power nap or yoga sleep. Relax, Power-packed will give you more hours.
Friends, thousands of people reached goals successfully whom I have trained for 13 years. We can also reach goals for ourselves. The world gives us respect.

If you still have challenges Master Coach Sathya will help you. I have trained more than 7500 businessmen in the past 13 years.You can talk to me via WhatsApp. I have my number on social media. If you win the 30-day challenge, I will send you a self-mastery book with my signature, which I have written. The book will be sent by courier, to your place, wherever you are in Karnataka.
Good morning, good night, when you are reading this. Please, inform me that you are accepting the 30 Day Challenge.
Thank you very much. All the best!


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