Motivation & Visualization

Motivation And Its Visualization

A boy named John went in search of a job and he landed in a timber factory. He agreed to join as a wood-cutter in that timber company and started working from the very next day. John was a diligent and efficient guy, very soon he was recognized by his boss as a honest worker and this boosted his confidence.

In the beginning, he started to cut 5 trees in a day and at a stretch. A week later, he was able to cut only 3 trees in a day and slowly the performance was going down. He was a hard worker, so he started to put more hours every day but still he was unable to cut even 3 trees per day. He started to worry about this and he asked a wise man in the company about his concern. He said “i’m working very hard everyday but still i’m unable to perform upto my expectation, why?” wise man thought for a minute and asked John “have you sharpened your axe, Son?”

John realized immediately that he was so busy in cutting trees and focusing on only working for more hours to make more productive days and never bothered about this.

We run our businesses like this most of the times, it’s important to check what are the tools that we have and are we sharpening our tools time to time to make progress.

Motivation is also like this for a wonderful tool called MIND. Motivation is required everyday, not only once. Similar to food for the body to survive, Motivation or Inspiration is required for MIND. So, what is your way of getting motivated for more?

We get inspired from Movies, Friends, Children, and Teachers and even from our own fears of failure. We need inspiration coming from somewhere to live a meaningful life every day. When we are inspired, we will be able to inspire others as well because there are millions of people who do anything only when they are inspired by others.

Now we know why motivation is required. What is motivation and how is it developed?

Before every action human talks to himself/herself about doing the action. for example: If you have to go to gym or jogging early in the morning, you will hear a voice from inside which says “is it required to go on a Sunday as well?” or “It’s ok to take a holiday once in a week” or you may also hear “I am a very disciplined person and never miss exercise” Which ever the statement wins inside your mind, you will take that action and that is called MOTIVATION. It can be a positive motivation or it can be a negative one as well.

We all encounter this situation in everything we do. be it a business dealing that we have to take up with a new customer or a sales pitch that you are giving to any client or while working late hours to complete any project. If you recall your own experience, you will see there has been a voice from inside that said “Push a little more and this deal is yours” or “let’s make it happen and i will win this challenge” or “I can make this relationship work, let it take anything” and you would have seen – YOU WERE THE WINNER. If YES, you know what i’m talking about.

Many times, being with the positive people we don’t feel positive or become successful because of this factor of listening to the inner voice and choosing only positive statements.  “FAILURE IS NOTHING BUT CHEATING SELF”. Check with your own experiences, if you see any failure in health, business, money, relationship or social respect, you will see that you were the reason for the result and you will also get to see where did you cheat yourself.

Failure is compromised with self and it’s not something happens from outside. So, push the internal voice.

What is this internal voice and how to develop it?

If you are clear about what is the output you want from any action, you will have a picture in your mind and that is created only when you control your mind. You need to create your own formula for igniting inner voice because only inner motivation is permanent.

This is why you need to do meditation on regular basis. Do meditate to reach thoughtlessness and conserve all your energy. When you feel good energy inside the mind, Visualize the picture of the output you want with the time frame and see the mind creating the magic.

Every time you feel like giving up, just say “PUSH A LITTLE MORE & I WIN”. You can check out more of our blogs by clicking on this Link



Sathyanarayana V R

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