Hello, Namaskara, welcome to this beautiful episode,Today I will explain you – 4 Stages of Psychological Growth in Business. Well, first of all, if you are in business, you should listen to this full episode. What is the level of your psychological growth in business? First of all, we all start with, I am not okay, world is okay. I am okay, I am right, world is not alright. Thirdly, I am not okay, nobody is okay. Fourth stage, I am okay, everybody, everything is okay. Well, to understand this, listen to this full episode. We start our business as a beginner. In the beginning, everyone else is doing good business, making money, branching out, making a good name in the society. So, in the beginner stage, I am not okay, others are okay. This is how everybody’s beginning will start. Because we don’t know how to manage, office, finance, stock, season, offers, employees, vendors, suppliers. Everyone else is doing good business in the season. So, I am not okay, world is okay. This is the first stage of psychology. Why do many people get stuck in this stage? In childhood, they come up with this low self-esteem. We call it low self-image. In childhood, I am not okay, I look good, I can’t speak well, I can’t think well. If it is deeply conditioned in childhood, in school, college, education, experience, environment, these people will suffer. No matter how experienced they are, 5, 10, 15, 20 years, they will always think they can’t do it. They are stuck here. They will have a problem for a long period of time. The reason is, I am okay, others are not okay. In business, in life, the methods others use are not good. They cut throat competition, cut corners, do bad practices, cheat, cheat customers, don’t pay government taxes. They go on seeing what is not okay. After some experience, I am okay, others are not okay. I practice well, others are not okay. Slowly what happens here, I am okay is good, but I am only okay, others are not okay. This is a little arrogant. We look down on others, or if they are producing results, but their method is not right, now go on complaining. I see many people in posts who have lost a lot of money. What to do? I know the right way. It is arrogant. They say my way is right, good or bad, I am not here to judge. But at this stage, I am right, I am doing well, everybody is in result. If everything is going good, profits are there, payments are coming, life is not the same all the time. The third stage, I have seen this, I am not okay, world is also not okay. Some people are pessimistic. Negative, pessimistic attitude. They think everything is not right. I am not right, the world is not right. If someone is going through depression, I am not okay, world is not okay, this is a bad life, what have I achieved, I should leave this world, I should leave this world, I should leave this world, negative, this is called negative feeling. They see everything is not okay. About them, about life, about business, everything they see what is not okay. There is an annual party going on, everybody is celebrating, they say. They see the negative. Some celebration happens, they ask why it is required. So these people can never come out with creative, innovative products or system or ideas or expansion in your mind. Because they see I am not okay and the world is not okay. The fourth psychological stage is I am okay. I see like you know, I know years together experience. I know how to manage people, how to build employees, I know how to manage people, I know how to understand customer psychology, I know how to balance finance and discipline in finance, product development, market, community, customers, system, branches, promotion, multiple. And we see like India is doing good, world is doing good. So much of opportunity, science, technology, infrastructure. So much they see everywhere these good things. So how many of you are relating with yourself? Where are you? Many people don’t accept. I am so thankful to my learning habit. First time I entered and started reading Pathedari Kadambari by G. Prakash. The spy character is Mahesh. So in 100 years I have read 500 to 1000 Kadambaris. It has been a very long run. I have read at least 500 Kadambaris. I have read at least 8 to 12 translated books in Telugu. I think this any subject till the 4 stages of psychology. So I used to feel like I am not okay. I am not okay. And like after etching some level of success like car, driver, branches, you know that I am okay, world is not okay. Like that stage comes. But I never went to the third stage like I am not okay, world is not okay. But I always been like either in I am not okay, I am also going through this. Recently last 2019 when I moved from half line business world to online business coaching and post corona, there was a little slump stage of my growth of life in terms of financial and impact. But I was always sure that I will bounce back and I will grow big and I will achieve things. But always results come from within. I am not okay. But trust me one thing, the only thing is self observation and accepting right now the situation. Maybe right now I am not able to produce result, not getting exactly what I wanted. But I am not useless or I am not a double piece. I will do the result. I will do the achievement. As long as I have this confidence, when you start feeling good, you know you are positive, slowly you get into the fourth stage. I am okay, world is also okay. So when you see everything is around, everywhere good things will be visible. The way they do the business is different. They see in everything there is an opportunity. In business, we should provide pleasure, speed, happiness, need to desire, desire to luxury. See now business is all about customer, business is all about the economy, business is all about the society. I am okay, world is also okay. With the happiness, we create a lot of transformation, lots of opportunity, lot of things. First two, three years of my business, I was in this Nansarina, Prapanchasarina, Nanranga, Prapanchasarina, Prapancharanga, Nanranga, Prapanchasarina. And then I later realized, world is good, I am good, what I need to do is to develop the customers, to build the team. I had to build a big vision when I realized, I attended so many psychometric programs, hypnotherapy programs, NLP neuro linguistic program, many mind-related, human psychology-related programs that I could able to see. I started listening to not one or two people, hundreds of people, thousands of people. That’s when I realized where they are stuck. The world is always trying to change. What is that I can make this world much more beautiful and better living? Because I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a business owner. And the way we see is completely different. Everything is happening on its own. Nothing is too wrong, nothing is too good. Everything is balanced. As an entrepreneur, there are so many people who have created the world like this. We have so many case studies, Tata groups. India has been good. Let us take Indian economy to the next level. I’m good, world is good. Let me make a difference to the world through a business. My experience, with my knowledge, my ability, can I touch some more thousands of people, thousands of employees, thousands of customers. That’s a higher maturity being, I’m okay, world is okay. I’ve come to the world, let me make it a little more better. I’ve seen people, they are successful. They are successful, they have bungalows, they have branches, they have multiple turnovers, they have crores of money. But they are not enjoying, they are not happy. I’m okay, and the world is also okay. What makes me so happy? Being a coach. People come to the course skeptically, whether it’s my sales master, silver member, or my gold member, or my diamond business mastery. First, they will be having this doubt, like, will I be able to implement it? How much will they tell me? Then some people will come, how much do I know, will it suit me? Then very rarely I come across people, like a few people, like I’m not okay, Sathya is also not okay, coaching is also not okay, world is also not okay. Very rarely these people will come to my academy, because I’m the funnel model, I directly don’t give anybody top-level membership. Very rare. Probably with non-learning ability, so we just say, okay, tata, goodbye, we don’t want your non-success money. We want a blessed money. We remove them from the system. Now, after one year, six months, three months, they start slowly loving themselves, and they love the world. As a business owner, to create a system, a company where it just takes the ages together, supporting people, customer, consumer, economy, government. When they start loving BTA, they produce an amazing… He joined BTA. He had that, like, you know, but people are not efficient, people are not honest, they’re struggling, I don’t know how to mold them. This is with the attitude he joined. He was already successful in the market, but within a year, he’s doubled 15 crore turnover to 30 crores. He realized, psychologically, I am good, team is also good. Only thing, correction is required. He learned. And now his aim is 100 crore, because he knows I’m good, everybody’s good, I’m okay, others also okay. He’s so happy, peacefully. I have such a hundreds together. Online, every week I used to see, I used to experience their success, their fulfillment, their happiness. Same I’m enjoying now in online, because I’m also one, I’m okay, I’m happy, I’m good. I’m also seeing good in everybody, as a coach, as a father, as a son, as a husband, as a human being, everything is good. So how was the session? What is your takeaway from this? So where are you stuck? Why have you stuck? Are you not aware where are you? What’s your personality? What’s your psychological stage? Once you’re understood, then what do you need to do? Identify where are you? From there, look at around, how you can upgrade your personality, your mind status, your intellectual values, your learning ability. So when you start upgrading yourself and start loving yourself, when you start pushing your own boundaries, life will become fulfilled, right? So we need so many tycoons. If you’re not yet my BTA member, join my BTA membership, attend the free webinar or a master class. If you’re already my BTA member, want to take the game to next level, I’m also okay. You can jump into my diamond member level, business mastery level. Thank you so much. And if you have liked this, subscribe to my channel and share this piece of knowledge to let them go to the next level. Many of them must achieve the success, but they are feeling hollow inside. I also need, you also need. Thank you so much

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