Self Mastery By Master Coach Sathya

Self Mastery

Self Mastery by Master Coach Sathya is a take on how
one should master their inner self

It shakes you out of your comfort zone and shows reality to your face. It tells you what you are missing. It tells You how important it is to scale up. 

It acts as a guide, a friend who tells you how to get out of your ordeals and build a beautiful life. And it does so by working on your relationship management, communication, intellect, mindset, health and so on. I do not suggest the book to all and sundry. Only  those who have the idea of  constantly learning and improving, only those who have the desire to lead quality life must take up self mastery. 

Because Self Mastery only works with willingness. 

It is like an Encyclopedia for life. If you don’t consume it’s wisdom with and open mind, you won’t cherish the taste of it’s fruits. 

I had the opportunity to encounter Self Mastery with an open mind, and the changes it has brought in my life and career is tremendous. 

I’l tell you all about it. But what’s the fun if you don’t know Self Mastery in the first place

Ch. Chakradhar,

MD, Saroj Group

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