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    What an amazing, automated technology that all human beings are blessed with. A system that never stops working, a master control drives a whole human body and world. That is MIND!

Let’s discover how does this system work and how can we make the most of its potential.

Do we go to the garage if we have a fever?

Do we go to the veterinary doctor to get a mobile phone repaired?

The answer is NO. And why is that?

Sathya started this glare zone with enlightening answers to these questions.

Mind builds a pattern of everything we do that is how it directs us to go to the only doctor when we get fever and a technician for mobile repair.

“Everything in this world is created TWICE” – Once in mind and once in the physical world

Mind is a grinder and compulsive goal achiever; it works with imagination and builds internal mechanisms to achieve anything which is given to it (it can be good or bad things).

We get inspired by many things, instances, and circumstances. It is important to make a conscious effort to feed only good things to this wonderful machine.

Sometimes, we feel we have never thought anything bad or always thought good things for everyone and for ourselves, but still, we encounter uncomfortable situations in life.

If you have ever noticed, MIND NEVER STOPS WORKING. It always gets fed in 3 different ways

1. Through EYES

2. Through EARS

3. Through Mouth

And if we don’t feed anything good consciously, the mind will start picking up anything which it feels good about and it makes it a goal to achieve.

This is how most of the time; we come across unwanted situations because of unknown instances that we desired for.

It’s a “Ripple effective agent” anything that goes inside the mind with intense feelings, creates echo waves inside. MIND is neutral; it works to achieve any goal given to it.

Sathya shared another instance of his life which made his words even stronger.

When he joined his first personality development workshop about 13 years ago, he was called on the stage to introduce himself.

He couldn’t speak anything on the stage because of his tremendous stage fear. And this is an instance or a thought to mind.

He felt bad about it and bounced back and told himself, I will speak on stage every time I get an opportunity in my life. And this thought had an intense feeling added to it.

Just after some time, he joined another workshop, and this time, he spoke on the stage for the first time and he was awarded best communicator.

This instance added more fuel to his desire and he started speaking more on every opportunity and he sharpened his communication skills, result of all this is “Today he is a Life coach” and reached thousands of people through various courses of BTA

How did this happen?

If he had given up at his first attempt and told himself “I can’t speak on the stage” Mind would have conceived the same belief and it would not have let him speak anywhere for a lifetime.

But, he gave a challenge to his mind by saying “no matter how difficult it is, I will speak on the stage and become the best communicator”

It was proved again “What we think about most of the time, we become so”

The subconscious mind only takes challenging tasks, bigger goals, and life-changing decisions.


Set an impossible goal for yourself and feed it to the mind with intense feelings and deep emotions of fulfillment.

Faith, Gratitude, and Strong belief are the most important emotions which give direction and show the path to mind for achieving any goal.


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