Valuable Birthday

The Valuable Birthday

Birthday present

Let’s start today with a couple of important messages.

Last week as we discussed cleansing and nullifying negative energy from places that we are living and one more essential place that we need to cleanse is PILLOW. We spend about 6-8 hours a day on pillows and that is where the maximum amount of negativity is accumulated because we release maximum thoughts and negativity while sleeping. Change pillows at least once in 6 months and feel the change.

We realize the value of anything only after losing it. how true, I got another example for this.

If you are regular to health time (Gym, Yoga, Aerobics, Dance or any physical exercise) in your daily schedule, you might ask this question to yourself “why is it required to wake up early and do all this when everything is going in a right way, let’s take it easy and sleep.” This happened to me as well until I met one of my managers last week. He said, “Sir I was not at all considering physical health as an important aspect so I was overeating and not doing any physical exercise till I got kidney stones 2 months ago and I had surgery.

 It made me realize how bad it is to sleep on a hospital bed and only through the exercise I can have a fit and flexible body that can support me to achieve anything, and as a result, i have reduced weight and regular to health time, meditation and i’m enjoying every minute of my life.” and I felt very proud of being regular to health time for the last 12 years which made me fit and healthy.

Now, let me ask you. What are the signs of a happy human being?

There may be many answers but, ACCEPTANCE is the biggest issue in today’s world. A lady couldn’t work after she got married because her in-laws didn’t allow. It’s been more than 12 years now and she has been regretting for this everyday and she kept cribbing inside stating “being educated, i should have worked & earned, I wasted lot of time” This turned in to depression and impacted her physical health as well. Today, she is suffering from many health issues.

Happiness is determined based on how happy you are while accepting the situation or when you have to let go when something goes wrong. Accept situations, people, emotions, concerns – life is beautiful.

What is the ideal way of celebrating Birthday?

Most of us will have a regular routine like below.

Valuable Birthday

Wake up early, take bath get ready, wear new clothes, go to temple, have lunch or dinner and buy something good. Isn’t it?

As we keep growing old, either in a company as a professional or age, it becomes more of EGO celebration. It becomes a status quo when we grow to higher levels in life. We must realize that if a year is completed, there was an effort or contribution of many people around us in getting anything happened in last year. But, rather being happy, we suffer on our birthdays. you know why? Some one didn’t wish. Someone didn’t gift anything. Someone didn’t call or message. 

This happens specially in a close relationship like husband and wife because men are weak at memorizing colours and dates. Well, importantly women keeps a track of every small detail.


When you love someone, make sure they don’t forget you forever. Show gratitude to all people who made your life good or challenging and helped you to gain wisdom, happiness and growth for a whole year. Make everyone closely related to you sit together on your birthday and thank all of them from your heart and share how they contributed for your life in last year. It’s an opportunity to express your love and gratitude.

What is richness?

A father (single parent) used to work hard and raised his son with all the love and care. Gave good education to his son and made him live independent. His son was thinking “my dad spent whole his life as a poor man, he couldn’t make his life a big one, I will show him how to earn money and become rich” and he was sending money to his dad every month. 

After some time, he visited his dad on his birthday and there was a letter in son’s name saying “Thank you for all the love and care” He grew curious and checked the letter. It was from an orphanage, so he went to that place to enquire and all children came running and hugged him. 

He saw that his photo was there in orphanage and his dad was donating all his earnings and extra money that his son was sending him every month to this orphanage. Son realized how rich his dad is and he started respecting him more. RICHNESS is not how much you have earned but how much can you give.

Do you spend time with yourself on your birthday to thank yourself?

Reflect on entire year and check how much your behaviour has changed, how much you grew emotionally, intellectually, how much you expressed your love and gratitude to others, It makes you really happy and keep going further.

As you grow in maturity and wisdom, make more lives meaningful by adding value and celebrate their bdays as well. You can check out our remaining blog by clicking on this Link.



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